Check out our other excellent services which include:

The Ion Cleanse is a bath with an array that uses alternating current to eliminate toxins from the body through the skin of the hands or feet.  This offers an excellent, non-invasive detoxification for the entire body.  Time consideration is approximately 30 minutes.

Microcurrent utilizes electrical impulse to help increase ATP and collagen production.  It assists in toning and tightening the skin and muscle in the treatment area to provide a more youthful look.  Microcurrent can be used for facial or body treatment.  As a body treatment it can aid in the toning and tightening of tissue, nerve and vessel, increase circulation, enhance cellular metabolism, and help to detoxify the cells.

Galvanic penetrates the skin surface utilizing an electric current.  The iontophoresis function facilitates product penetration with two poles like a magnet.  The positive pole hardens and firms tissue, soothes nerves, and reduces redness.  The negative pole softens and relaxes tissue, activates follicles, stimulates cells and increases blood supply.

Body Wrap procedure can help detoxify the body, improve circulation & eliminations, nourish the skin and reduce fat deposits.  The body is wrapped to hold in heat and moisture which achieves the maximum penetration of desired products and excretion of waste product from the body.  Great for shaping the body and reducing cellulite.

A Salt Scrub removes dead surface cells, cleanses dermal toxins, reduces fat tissue, revitalizes skin, improves elasticity, gives a healthy glow and leaves the skin feeling smooth.  It’s also recommended before and after sunning or tanning products for a more even color.  We have formulated product ready to use or we can custom make the salt scrub to fit your need.  We recommend a shower following a salt scrub which we offer for a small fee.  It’s a great way to sample Kathy’s Family organic bath products too!

The Sauna Blanket is an infra-red pad that wraps you and increases body heat to dissolve and eliminate fat, cleanse lymph nodes through sweat, relax muscles and help with product penetration.  It will really warm you if you’re feeling cold!

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